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The Actina coin allows platforms, apps and merchants within the sports and health industry to be interconnected. The user of platforms and apps implementing the Actina coin can receive rewards from the platforms in the form of Actina coins. With those coins, the user can visit the participating merchants to get discounts on products or services.

The platforms and apps implementing the Actina coin reward give their users incentives to become more active, improve their health, and directly connect to the Actina merchants.

IEOIs StartingSoon!


First 5.000.000 ACTI with a 40% discount.
Second 5.000.000 ACTI with a 20% discount.

First launch with discount 40%
Second launch with discount 20%

ActinaToken Specs


Actina (ACTI) rating


In order to support the development of the Actina coin, several apps are being created. The main current projects are:

  • Actina Wallet is a centralized wallet for the users to manage their Actina rewards from all platforms in one place. Also directly linked to the Actina store, the wallet allows the user to identify the merchants offering Actina discounts and receive special offers.
  • Actina Store, where all the merchants participating in the Actina reward system, offer discounts in Actina to the customers.
  • ActiCount: a simple step counter app, easy to use and non-intrusive app, for the user who wants to monitor his activity and receive Actina rewards directly from the mobile phone, without social network.
  • ActinApp: a health and sports platform based on MECS: Motivate, Educate, Challenge and Stimulate. It is a platform designed to build a happier, healthier, more self-confident and physically fitter population. ActinApp will be implementing the Actina reward system and showcase its potential.

Our team is continuously working on various other platforms to increase the utility of Actina.


Global obesity figures are rising at alarming rates. This will put generations at risk, result in immense pressure on healthcare systems and ultimately in higher mortality rates.

The global fitness applications market is expected to have a CAGR of 21% from 2019 to 2026. Read the Actina whitepaper to learn how we plan to use this market potential to improve the population’s health.

ProjectRoad Map


Private Sale

Private sale on exchange and real world development of the Actina API and wallet for integration in platforms.




Finalise the first tranche of the IEO on an exchange platform. Launch of the merchant’s website with the potential use of the Actina coin.



ActinApp Launch

Launch of the ActinApp v1 platform and use of the coin in the app with integration of the API.
The second tranche of the IEO on an exchange platform.



Actina Wallet

Acquisition of Actina users (apps, platforms and merchants). Integration of the API’s. Launch of the Actina wallet and link to the merchant’s website. Listing of the Actina coin on different exchanges.



Virtual Cards

Launch of the virtual cards payment programs for online purchase. Development of a physical card payment solution for redeeming rewards outside online store. Expanding the offer on the merchant website for goods.



1 Million Users

Launching additional features in the Actina coin such as restrictions of goods to purchase for parents to monitor children´s purchases.



Emoney License

Further development of the wallet and the coin features to develop Actina as a strong exchange currency for the sport and health industry.



Stéphane Conti


Software platform development, Nutrition, Sports industry, Entrepreneur

Amine Berraoui


VC, Banking, Management consulting, Fintech, Entrepreneur

Leszek Gazicki


Software development, Telecommunication & Fintech industry

Peter Vriesman

MSc, Tech. Lic, MBA

VC, Sports industry, Management consulting, IT Entrepreneur


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